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Classroom Language

a typical classroom in a Primary school in England

If you are interested in teaching in  Foundation Stage (Reception) or Key Stage 1 (Year 1 or 2) in England you need to know certain expressions the teacher uses during the lesson. You can have a look below and feel free to leave your comment.

  • Sit down on your chair for me!
  • Lovely, I can hear some good sounds! (when Chn read the correct way)
  • Silence means silence! Think quietly to yourselves!
  • Anybody sitting smart is chosen, you know that!

  • Hey! Stop! You ‘re spoiling it!
  • Guys I ‘ve asked for quiet! Can we listen?
  • Stop talking over me, put your hand down please!
  • Pardon?
  • 2C (class name), we are far too chatty!
  • We ‘re not talking, we ‘re not falling out, we ‘re not being silly!
  • This is silent work, you need to be working independently!
  • Shouldn’t be talking right now! Please tell me what you have done after 10′.
  • Why can I hear chatting on that table?
  • When I ‘m reading the Qs you should be listening very carefully to what I ‘m saying!
  • (when T asks a Q and a few hands are raised up) Everybody’s hands should be up!
  • Easy peasy! (when sth is really easy to do)
  • Tables 3 & 4, can you show me some good listening?
  • Don’t make silly noises!
  • Practice makes perfect!
  • You will be bored out of your minds!..
  • Your grown-ups are going to see this display!
  • You play nicely, no hitting, no pushing! Otherwise you miss playtime!
  • Can you shuffle your bottoms to me please? (when you want Chn to come closer to you while sitting on the carpet)
  • Could you shuffle back a little bit, please?
  • The only reason I ‘m asking you to sit on your bottom and not kneel is because you ‘ll end up with pins&needles in your feet&legs and this is horrible!
  • This is a WAGOLL (=What A Good One Looks Like).
  • Nobody should be talking right now, so shush!
  • I want everybody sitting on their bottoms with their legs crossed looking at me.
  • I keep my hands & my feet to myself. You shouldn’t do this!
  • Close your eyes, head down, silence. I ‘m tired telling you to be quiet, this is silly behaviour and I’m very disappointed. Now open your eyes and keep your mouth zipped till I tell you to talk.
  • Get yourself a whiteboard and a pen!
  • Well done you!
  • Oh good boy Lewis!
  • Put your hands up if you still find it a bit tricky. Well done for being honest!
  • We do not run across the class, Gracie! Move back!
  • You ‘re very noisy!
  • So we ‘ll have a bit of a read of this?
  • Read it to yourself.
  • Goodness me! I ‘d like you all to make a line there!
  • Uh! Very sensible guys! Great! Well done!
  • Have a think!
  • Could you turn please to the next clean page?
  • Please can you write this date?
  • If you could please put your English books (they are notebooks actually, but they call it books) away for me and put it on your shelf.
  • We’re going to practise some quick writing.
  • Don’t get ahead of each other!
  • On your bottoms! I asked you to sit down!
  • I am going to get cross if you keep talking over me.
  • Well done! I ‘m super impressed!
  • Next time you sneeze put your hands on your mouth ’cause all your germs are spread on the table.
  • You need to do some good listening so sit on your bottom and put your hands on your knees.
  • Oh that’s gorgeous/brilliant/great!
  • Children we are ever so squashed!
  • What’s another word for scary?
  • Quickly!
  • 1 2 3 eyes on me! (T) 1 2 3 eyes on you! (Chn)
  • Quick, quick!
  • (After T gives instructions on task) If I give you a thumbs-up you carry on. Am I clear on what you have to do today?
  • Put that away sweetheart!
  • Oh! Stop shouting out!
  • You ‘re being a bit rude!
  • I can’t hear all of you when you all talk at once!
  • If you ‘d like to get yourself a library book.
  • Put it away for me, it goes on that box.
  • Hold it in one place!
  • I’ll just explain your activity!
  • It should be cut out really neatly.
  • I really hope we are going to have a sensible afternoon.
  • I thought it might be quite nice if you would write…
  • Right! Let’s see a nice straight line!
  • I can still hear talking! Is it Ashton? This is so rude! You ‘ve got a warning.
  • Oh! I’m not picking Chn who haven’t got their hands up!
  • Sh! You know what? I’m going to get ever so cross in a few minutes!
  • If this silliness continues I’ll have Chn in red!
  • Probably need some more thinking time?
  • You need to be doing your work!!
  • Is that starting to make sense?
  • So just shuffle your bottoms over to this whiteboard.
  • Come on everyone should be sat down by now!
  • You need to be really confident with the method before sitting down to your tables.
  • I ‘m not the one who needs to improve! Why am I reading alone? Show me some good learning!
  • I ‘m glad to hear that you’re confident! You must have been listening very carefully!
  • S gives wrong answer. T: “Not quite!”
  • Have you been following or have you been daydreaming?
  • Not many hands are up and I think more hands should be up!
  • We’re running out of room on this wall, aren’t we?
  • Show me some nice sitting!
  • You are naughty! You’ve made some bad choices!
  • Wow! What amazing sitting!
  • I always bring with me my super special stickers for those Chn who show me their super special choices!
  • (Many Chn talking at the same time) Oh hang on, hang on! I can hear only 1 voice at a time, remember?!
  • It’s getting far too noisy in here!
  • What a super job you guys are doing!
  • (singing) 5 4 3 2 1 hands down, pencils still, eyes this way!
  • Oscar, you should be sitting down!
  • Remember we ‘re using our quiet voices inside!
  • Oh, some people are crossing their legs and are tripping people!
  • Arms folded, legs crossed like everybody else!
  • Ellie! Come and move away from Oscar!
  • Nobody else is laughing!
  • If you think you know what it is put your hand up!
  • What is that one? What is it?
  • You haven’t sounded it all out!
  • Should you have it in your hands? No! Put it down then!



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