Greeks teaching

bus accident

Sudden schedule changes. Getting to the bus station, missing the bus.. Oh, I will be late! What shall I do? Call the school. “Hello, it’s Victoria from Hays. I ‘d like to inform you that I missed the bus and will be late. I ‘ll be there at around 9 o’ clock!”. “Victoria, I thought R.. from Hays told you last night that we are not going to need you the rest of the week as the student is still poorly!”. “Oh, okay, I see. Thank you very much for everything! Take care! Bye!”. LOST! This would be my 4th day in that Primary School as a SEN TA. But one of the 2 autistic students of the class was poorly since yesterday so they didn’t need me as the TA of the school would be enough for the one student. What could I do now? Normally on Thursdays I would be a volunteer at that school in Cha… but last night I cancelled it. So where should I go now? Back home? Well, let’s see if Primark is open -although it’s still 08.20…

On my way to Primark in the centre of town I decide to call the 2 other agencies and let them know I’m available. Then I call mum on Viber, she is in Greece, always delighted to hear my news. Suddenly I receive a call from one agency so automatically the call on Viber with mum stops. I answer, they ask me if I can go to a Primary School on the outskirts of the city. I say yes, I’ ve been there again. So back to the bus station. The next bus was in 15′. Strange… So the bus comes, I get on the bus and 4′ after setting off a loud crash and a skid, braking and me falling over…. It was like slow motion, I thought we crashed somewhere. The only thing that did happen was just some scratches on a car’s right side. That Indian man suddenly decided to come over to the bus lane in front of us.

Then they took down on a piece of paper our personal details to contact us. We got off the bus and took the next one. I was just 20′ late at school. I informed the teaching agency by email and they informed the school.

This is the letter I received a month later. I had to fill in the form and send it back in the prepaid envelope that was included in the letter.



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