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Technology in the classroom

Have you ever thought of a classroom in which there are computers instead of books and notebooks?

But what would happen if we could contribute to children’s learning process using new tools and enhancing their knowledge and future?

It has always been exciting the fact that technology is such an innovative type of learning, and it can be a lot of fun, too.

Hesitations, decisions-decisions. However, there are some cutting edge applications and platforms which can be proved really adjustable to the needs of education. ICT and materials development in the field of Pedagogics can support to children as well as adults’ training.

Educational Technology is an interdisciplinary area of study, research and development, which comprises the meaningful reception, analysis, reproduction and modification of human evolution. Down this article there will be presented a few cutting-edge examples of technological ‘tools’ each highlighting unique aspects of the interaction between technology and learning.

First of all, Skype. Skype has been a rather effective solution for distant teaching-learning. E-learning is inevitably a rather useful method since it’s not necessary to appear to a class for attending a lecture. One-to-one training method appeals to language learning and can be adapted for a fast track course, too. Besides all these interviews and lessons given via Skype, this application can be used into the class for a lesson or more. Literature, Mathematics, Music, and loads of other fields and sciences can come to life by using Skype into your class.

All you are going to need is a PC, a camera, a microphone and a projector for a better visual output. You can ask your students to vote who you would like to contact, i.e. an artist, or an author, and of course you can arrange plenty of activities in a number of different courses. You can ask questions to be answered by the students from a school of another country, or another city in your country. Then ask them to prepare and give back to you their very own questions to be answered by you.

The children will absolutely enjoy it, and parents will be by your side. It would be a good idea to inform them about the Skype session that is going to take place, so they will not have doubts about their kids’ safety, reactions and so on and so forth. Moreover, you can ask teachers abroad to contact you while they’re on an excursion or during their visit to a museum, zoo, and enjoy the entire activity at the same time.
These are a few videos by a greek Teacher of English.
Skype and Math.Here you will listen about Kahoot, too.
Michael Soskil, Sue Degnan and Dianne Krause about STEM & Skype
Skype call and Learning about Asian Elephants
World Wonder Day Mini Movie from Greek students.

Another new and really joyful platform is the so called etwinning. E-twinning has to do with the combination of real life activities and online work, and the collaboration in between schools in your country or schools from around Europe, as well. All you have to do is to connect with Twinspace, create your profiles and start up a project. You have to cooperate with your students and you would better keep on advising them to make a small research and not to copy-paste things from the internet, such as information taken from Wikipedia, but to write them down in their own words. Thus, they will make an effort to use their imagination. This is a video from a school in Greece and their project. Teachers from a school in Laurium asked kids to tell what “Spring” means through their own eyes. Some other nice projects:
Day School of Naxos eTwinning
Musical School of Katerini
1st Gymnasium of Echedoros Thessaloniki, Greece and Escola Rosa Oriol Lliçà d’Amunt Catalonia, Spain
Get involved!

Well, if you feel like more on the games side then you’d better try Minecraft. It is a game which has been loved from children of different ages. Either it is Geography or numeracy you can become a free thinker and enjoy it. Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. Everything you need to know is included in the official website. It’s all about creativity. Imagination is a powerful tool for both students and teachers.

What’s more about gaming and learning? E-Blocks. It is a simple software that can be easily set up by the teacher and it is so much fun. Students are divided into groups and with a team spirit they work together to find solutions to upcoming questions. Perfect for ESL teaching and Math, or Spanish, it is actually a multisensory activity encouraging children to learn by doing. It features cooperative learning and physical response.

Finally, there’s an online platform for you to organize your class. Even if you are a teacher, or a parent, or a student you can contact one another online via Classter. It is a platform for school management integrated with Office 365 and Moodle. It uses various dashboards which are all under the control of the Classter manager. An Open School is available for personalized – adaptive Learning and monitoring.

Technology is all about making life easier. Education can be enriched if we use our imagination and skills to broaden our limits to an interactive world. Let’s use it for more opportunities of a better world. If there are any other tech-tools you are using at the moment let us know through your comments below.



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