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So it’s 9.30 and I made up my mind I would spend my day at home studying for my final upcoming Masters exam and do some exercise. Although I desperately need the money, I know there is a reason I didn’t receive any call from any agency this morning. Suddenly my phone is ringing.

“Hi, it’s T. from …. (name of agency). How about doing some PE cover work today in an Academy? You need to be there around 10 to 11”. I knew straight away I had to accept this and get dressed appropriately. This will be the first time I go to work dressed like this!

So I left home wearing my comfortable trainers! An hour later I was at school. In Period 4 (11:05-12:05) I had to cover in the Sports Hall where 7 Year-10 students (the rest were at a school trip in Yorkshire) would play badminton. They would smack and throw their rackets on the floor, and after warning them several times to no avail, I reported it at the PE office at the end of the lesson, which finished 10′ earlier as they had to go change at the changing rooms.

At 12:05 I had to be in a computer room to teach some geography to 25 Year-8 students. How unruly and disrespectful they were…! I had the worksheets but they wouldn’t stop talking and shouting. I tried different methods which proved to be successful in other secondary and college classes but they would not respond to any. After distributing the worksheet I started doing the first 3 activities that needed to be done – talking over the students and approaching some to guide and help them. At the last 5 minutes I approached 2 of the girls that did exceptionally well and worked on every activity during the lesson. With their help I wrote down a few comments next to the names of the disobedient students who wouldn’t follow instructions.

Then it was lunch break for 45′. At 13:45 I had to be back at the Sports Hall for period 5. So I found myself waiting patiently for all the students to change, standing on the corridor, as the door of the Sports Hall was locked. Then the PE teacher let me know that I would follow her outside. I would just watch, I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do and it was almost 2 o’ clock. Off we go then – after the teacher gave some students the equipment –  me following 2 PE teachers and 20 Year-10 students. I was told to keep the score. It was so hot outside, we walked over to a pitch and the students set the equipment. Rounders would be the game they would play. I enjoyed it. Memories from school in Greece when I was a student came back to me. We would call it “Yermaniko” (“German”).

That was how the school day unfolded more or less.

In the evening, when I went home I definitely had to make a smoothie as we had in the fridge different fruit and ground avocado seed. I enjoyed it a lot!

2016-05-12 19.38.17




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