Meet&Greet with Vasso!

  • Hi Vasso! We ‘re excited to have you with us! You are the owner of Tutor Supply, born in Greece, but relocating to England many years ago. Could you tell us a bit more about your story?

Hello and nice to meet you. I was born in Greece during the late 70’s which makes me feel quite old come to think of it. I have lived in the UK for a good part of my life – now I feel even older- and studied A’ Levels in a local college in Sunderland in the late 90’s. My career progressed gradually as I worked in various colleges in Oxford during the summers and I finally went on to Sunderland University to become a Secondary teacher of English. As a secondary specialist, I worked in a good few schools in the UK and that gave me the extensive knowledge and teaching grandeur to date until I decided in 2004 to return to Greece and experience the way people worked and lived there. I worked at a few private schools in the centre and North of Athens where I experienced a work life balance like no other and soon left to seek work in Kifissia where I worked for what I would only describe as the best Head of school one could ever have. Unfortunately, all good things end and having had a social life of a Princess but the working life of a near peasant, I decided that it was time for me to return back home. From then on, I worked in more schools in the UK achieving high standards and also achieved an MA in TESOL; I became an author of educational journals and children’s books such as Captain Reece Icle currently sold on Amazon globally and a highly paid consultant in schools, an editor in top editorial companies such as the NCTE, an educational resources editor, a professional member of Greek academia, a GCSE examiner,  a TDA advocate, an ambassador for the National Youth Theatre, a governess in schools across the NE and currently a researcher.  I am currently the founder of Tutor Supply, an educational support service, that provides support to all pupils at all levels nationally and a specialist SEN/ Education consultant in schools across the UK.


  • So how is your life in England now? What are the pros and cons of living here?

Life is always great if you know how to live it well wherever you are! England is a wonderful place and incorporating the Greek into the English element, vice versa, can provide you with the balanced view of a peaceful life.


  • What inspires you everyday?

My children.  Life. Positive thinking. Yoga. Anything that provides me with a moment full of bliss-it could be a butterfly on my roses, the aroma of a cup of tea to Oprah Winfrey’s two-hour speech on Mindfulness.


  • Share with us some highlights of your recent professional experience. Talk to us about the challenges you ‘ve faced.

My professional experience ranges from quality assurance in schools to working as a consultant and leading a large company such as Tutor Supply. I do not view challenges as hindering processes rather as critical points in one’s life that need a long-term solution.


  • Do dreams really come true?

They do if you believe in them.


  • What is passion for you?

Passion is love for my kids, love for life and anything good you make out of simple, every day things.


  • What is your advice to the Greek community of teachers and mothers in England?

I am delighted to be part of the Greek communities in the UK. It is always nice to share your experiences, life and knowledge with people that have the same cultural traditions as you or those who have just arrived and simply need a friend. I would love to add a bit of Greek spirit where possible. Greek mothers are essential in keeping the traditions going and that is why over the time I have supported Greek mothers with educational matters over numerous hours on the phone providing solid advice on the best education for their children, methods to overcome hurdles in maintained schools and advice on forming sub-communities.


  • Thank you very much for your time. We are looking forward to hosting your amazing ideas and various experiences as an educator and a mother on our website! Take care!

Thank you.











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